RS Electrical Fluorescent Aquarium Light Imported (RS-300L) (Power-6W)

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  • High Efficiency
  • Low Energy Consumption
  • Nice Pleasing Appearance

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5 in stock (can be backordered)

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This product / Aquarium Fluorescent Lamp is a perfect companion for an aquarium. The light emitted from Aquarium Fluorescent Lamp could also assist neutralizing the harmful bacteria in the water. It also ensures the fish(s) and plants to remain healthy. Assists in reaching the ideal water parameters and reproduction functions of the aquatic fishes and plants. Enhances and improves the aesthetic / beauty of the aquarium. USER INSTRUCTIONS : Please check the functionality of the Aquarium Fluorescent Lamp before using it in the aquarium. Don’t use them if the glass is broken. If the water come into the lamp, please cut off the electric and stop using it immediately. The lamp must be used in rated voltage only. SAFETY WARNING : Disconnect the appliance from power supply before putting your hand into the water. Power : 6W, 220V/240V, 50Hz Size : 19×300 mm.

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  1. Pradeep

    This is the best heater for fish


  2. Sanjai kumar

    Sir , explain the uses of this flurocent light in video sir ,so this will helpful for beginners as well as non beginners

    Sanjai kumar

  3. G logesh

    Light is use full fish and we see fish in clear and light is help for fish tank

    G logesh

  4. thanigairajan1999

    Hi bro I like to buy the product because it assist neutralizing the harmful bacteria in the water. It also ensures the fish and plants to remain healthy.


  5. jeyakumar24680

    This is low price in this shop for compare to other shop


  6. M.Rithik

    Uses for aquarium light
    #High Efficiency
    #Low Energy Consumption
    #Nice Pleasing Appearance
    #and it can act as a aquarium heater in water to 18-20 degrees in water


  7. ashwanth.ashwin245

    We are in city while buying this product the products are expensive but here they are less


  8. saran271621

    The litest light make the tanks looks like beauty block. Worthful price


  9. karupuazhagan23

    Planted tank ku intha fluorescent light tha best nu solluranga so.., konjam explain pannuga. & Normal led house lamp en use panna kudathu ..?


  10. jeyrad22

    I don’t have any fish tank but I saw this fluorescent lights in many fish tanks. It gives a good look to our fish and tank. It’s a worthy product to buy at this cost.


  11. kishore15071996

    I used to have one led strip for my tank now it’s not working. I like this type of light. Looking forward to buy one


  12. selvamdhanam998

    It is nice i buy this in this week for my live plants


  13. jackrevenge.s.a

    Awesome light for our home aquarium i have been using this led for my fish tank it makes the aquarium environment realy awesome


  14. jackrevenge.s.a

    I have been using this for my aquarium its very awesome i like this you all too buy this dont miss this chane


  15. suryasuryasura15

    This light will be not use and I will see for my oner shop super cooler full I will next baying this product for your shop super product for your shop and maltithiks super quality super sir tanking for selling your product


  16. davidsteve1973

    This is a good submersible light. Available in many colors. I have this light. Made by RS electricals. Safe for fishes.


  17. aasifmuhammad145

    Aquarium lights are must for fish tanks not only for beauty, this also helps us to identify whether the fishes are healthy or affected by diseases. We must choose a light that does not make the fish stressed.


  18. jagadeesh232003

    This is flurocent light is best for fish tank.It is brighter than other light.


  19. abivignesh2000

    I have this florocent light


  20. Umesh Kumar

    The brightness is very good , but at times too bright for the eyes the suction of those 2 holders are very poor. One has to struggle a lott to get them in place. Remember to clean the surface fully before attaching the vaccine holders . The plug box becomes a bit hot when lights is on for more than 2 hours at a stretch. It’s good value for money.

    Umesh Kumar