kintons Submersible Aquarium Immersion Heater


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An aquarium heater is a device used in the fishkeeping hobby to warm the temperature of water in aquariums. Most tropical freshwater and marine aquariums are maintained at temperatures that range from 22-30 °C (71-86 °F). … There are also heating mats that may be placed under the aquarium.sunmersible aquarium heates are one of the most popular way to keep your tank at a steady and controlled temperature.

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19 Reviews For This Product

  1. 19

    by AARON

    I wish to buy this product because i don’t have this product
    this product brand is very good my friend suggested me,he also have this product

  2. 19

    by Deepak

    This water heater is not available at my nearest aquarium shops and In this winter season my fishes are continuously affected by diseases like finrot and white spots due to cold water and many of them died 😢 , this situation will not happen again to any one , but vedha fish farm is providing a aquarium heater it will very very use full for many of us ,use full product🔥🔥🔥

  3. 19

    by senthur2003

    It is very use for me while breeding betta because last time when i breed my betta my betta eggs are not hatched due to temperature now i used the heater now eggs are fertilized and hatched and this is mainly used for flowerhorn tanks all-time 💟

  4. 19

    by M.Rithik

    Aquarium heater is used for heating the aquarium water it kills the bad bacteria and keep the fishalve and healthy aquarium heater is used more in treating the fish in sick or some disease so aquarium heater is used

  5. 19

    by kishore15071996

    Being a fish addict I have never seen this type of product. Having fishes from very young age but never tried so much decorations. Now after coming to know about your farm today I am planning for it. Want to buy this product but I don’t know how it will be helpful 😅

  6. 19

    by selvaraj06061974

    I like this product.because it is use full for my fish tank. But in my house not buy anything in my house. My family do not buy any things to me. Fish also we not buy my friend is given to me. So only i participate in quiz sir. To win. We are low class family sir. Thank you sir.

  7. 19

    by nagararajank028

    Flowerhorn baby ku oru heater malaipeyura naala disease attack aakuthu athu naala venum

  8. 19

    by nagararajank028

    Flowerhorn baby ku oru heater malaipeyura naala disease attack aakuthu athu naala venum please

  9. 19

    by kaviraja

    This is the aquarium heater
    This aquarim heatermaintain warm
    In rainy season we keep the heater in aquarium tank when rainy season
    The temparature is low and atach
    This heater in aquarium this give warm temparature😃😃😃😃

  10. 19

    by spppraveen21

    heater is compulsory for fish especially in colder climate because heat is important for digestion if digestion problem like dropsy comes there is little bit chance for survive

  11. 19

    by J. Nandhini

    I see this heater,I like this heater,because it control the water condition.

  12. 19

    by vidhyasaravana28

    Is product is very nice I am using it is awesome it as an outomatic offing system nice product

  13. 19

    by ravisathish377

    Snow snow time of aquarium water in very cooling fish upset you hit a spitting fish healthy and not upset war fish happy

  14. 19

    by schurwindesouza

    *It is used for maintaining the water temperature properly, especially in winter season
    *It can used for certain fishes like betafish,goldfish etc.,
    *I don’t have this
    *I like this because it is very important for aquariums.

  15. 19

    by aasifmuhammad145

    Hobbiest think Heaters are an unnecessary product, but it is not like that it is an economical product. Heaters prevents most of the diseases. Fishes are cold blooded animals which needs warm temperature, which makes them active and free from diseases. Haeters are must for flowerhorns.

  16. 19

    by jeshuazoophilist

    i like this because i had 45 guppy fries but in one day all the 45 guppies have died beacause of the reason cold.

  17. 19

    by kaisan silmi

    This kind of heater is not available in my nearest aquarium shop. And I would like to have this as my fishes are dieing continuously, I suffered a lot because of this. I am not having this product, but i would like to have it.

  18. 19

    by www.ritick1219

    I am a beginner, so I have never seen a water heater for fish tank, I think it is used for fishes in disease? that’s right or wrong

  19. 19

    by umapathiyu17

    One the budget friendly product I’m using for while.. Mostly you need this in winter season fishes like gold arowna flowerhorn you must have to maintain a constant temperature to have your fish healthier… So I suggest if you are a hobbiest you must have to keep one for your. Aquarium

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