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  • This small acraclic made tank
  • Easy to handed
  • Table top style
  • Country of Origin: India
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Good quality easy to use fighter home size 15 x 8, 5 x 14 cm mini small betta fish tank. Price inclusive shipping cost the central plate is removable for more space to hold more fish ideal for betta fighter fish small fishes and plant keeping the blue plate is added to prevent the betta fish to view each other so as to cut down the stress the bottom hole for easy changing water, just unplug the rubber stopper.

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Weight 0.250 kg
Dimensions 11.5 × 9 × 10 cm
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15 Reviews For This Product

  1. 15

    by Natarajan

    It is best tank for betta and best breeding tank . It is plastic so we don’t want to take care that much that glass tank. it is carriable

  2. 15

    by rpraveenkumar.86

    This tank gives good look and feel when we keep in our rooms having two different Bettas flaring at each other…easy to clean and keep safe.
    Can be used to make male and female familiarise for breeding purpose.
    I have one such tank .

  3. 15

    by spppraveen21

    This tank is for grooming your fish but I didn’t suggest for breeding

  4. 15

    by senthur2003

    I like this product because it is useful to keep my beeta and helping me by beeta not jump out side with help of the lid ๐Ÿ’Ÿ

  5. 15

    by kishore15071996

    Product looks good. little bit disappointed with not able to see the live fishes are being listed in shopping category atleast in and around apk

  6. 15

    by letsbefish36

    Hi, This is a fish tank which is made up of plastic and very useful for breeders and aquarium shops to keep the fish and sell it. But I will not recommend it for keeping in home or where you are planning to keep the fish with you for long time. This product is not good for keeping the fish in it for long time. Definitely you can use the product for breeding purposes and aquarium shop keepers can keep there bettas for a show in this tank once you get the fish, please I suggest you to go for at least 1feet tank for any fish and they actually love it and enjoy the stay and fish will be healthy too. All types of fishes need enough place to swim and digest there food that they take in. As I said this product is very good for breeding purpose easily both male and female mate fast and they start breeding. Cost is little high not only here but actually everywhere the cost is same but only for breeding and showing off this is worth a cost and one more thing you just need to spend once on it and if u have it safe it can be used all your life too. This tank is easy to clean and maintain it but don’t keep this tank in sunlight because water with sunlight the tank losses it’s quality and becomes old since it is a plastic. I could say this product is overall a good one because it helps a lot in breeding process and which is transparent on both sides and we can see the fish activities while breeding and the frys can be easily transferred to the larger tanks after the breeding. So get your product from vedhafishfarm… and start your breeding.

  7. 15

    by selvaraj06061974

    I like this product.because it is use full for my fish tank. But in my house not buy anything in my house. My family do not buy any things to me. Fish also we not buy my friend is given to me. So only i participate in quiz sir. To win. We are low class family sir. Thank you sir.

  8. 15

    by M.sarankiruthik

    This betta box is very useful for betta hobbies persons

  9. 15

    by Sakthy

    This tank is useful in breeding betta fishes…
    Pros:easy to handle
    When a batch is born…. you can easily transfer it to a big tank
    Due to its size
    Cleaning is easy

    Cons: this tank can only be used for breeding
    Water changes in this tank is hard
    Exotic betta cannot be breed in this tank

  10. 15

    by abrajith

    it is a five star product. for a pair of betta this product is perfect and worth buying

  11. 15

    by sakthivelrao9f

    This is very useful because it occupise less place and keeping two Bettas in one tank. If we have two bettas we should search for some. Bucket or bottle. But If we buy this one we can keep both bettas in one tank and keep near windows or in open area we have no fear if we keep this in open place because it can’t jump so I will be happy but one problem is I not have this one my friends are having. ๐Ÿ˜ฃ๐Ÿ˜ฃ๐Ÿ˜ฃ

  12. 15

    by Dharun

    I do not have betta but I like to have betta fish I don’t like to put it in small bowls because in bowl there is not enough space to swim for fish I like the tank for its space and price.thank you

  13. 15

    by schurwindesouza

    *It is used keeping beta fish separately but in same tank.
    *And i like this because able to keep 2 fishes in 1 tank
    *I don’t have this but I know about this

  14. 15

    by srinathsri853

    This tank very compact and small size for Betta fish breeding time

  15. 15

    by selvimurugavel1561980

    Bro intha aquarium tank is very helpful for betta breeding.pls reduce the cost 250RS it is carriable.

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