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  • Liny Mini Aquarium light LY-28C 320.00
    • Optimized Spectrum: Specifically crafted to support the growth of live plants, creating an ideal environment for your underwater garden.
    • Compact and Clip-On Design: Save space and effortlessly clip the light onto the rim of your tank or fishbowl.
    • Power Switch: Take control with the easy-to-use power switch, allowing you to customize your tank’s lighting conditions.
    • Vibrant Illumination: Despite its small size, this LED light delivers powerful brightness, accentuating the colors of your fish and showcasing your planted tank.
    • Perfect for Small Tanks: Ideal for small fish tanks, shrimp tanks, or fishbowls, providing ample light for the well-being of your aquatic friends.
    • Promotes Plant Growth: Encourage the lush growth of live plants, fostering a vibrant and healthy aquatic ecosystem.

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