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    Aquarium Led Light, Fully Submersible (Waterproof) Led Lamp for Fish Tank Adjustable Led Light with 2 Suction Cup Original price was: ₹450.00.Current price is: ₹350.00.
    • Excellent sealed design. The tank light is fully submerged in water and work underwater. Two strong suction cup help fix cable firmly in the tank, fitting for aquarium, fish tank, pool, etc
    • Super Bright And Energy Efficient – Fully Waterproof And Water Submersible Led Light Lamp
    • This aquarium led light is specially designed for fish tank, which can light up your fish tank and bring brightness for fish. Bright light helps you look clear out of the aquarium. Help plants to thrive and light up for fishes anytime you want.
    • Made of a highly transparent and explosion-proof acrylic lampshade, it is durable and easy to clean.
    • Package Content: 1 x Submersible Led Light With 2 Suction Cup (WHITE & BLUE, SR-300 LED-10.5 INCH)
  • Liny Mini Aquarium light LY-28C 320.00
    • Optimized Spectrum: Specifically crafted to support the growth of live plants, creating an ideal environment for your underwater garden.
    • Compact and Clip-On Design: Save space and effortlessly clip the light onto the rim of your tank or fishbowl.
    • Power Switch: Take control with the easy-to-use power switch, allowing you to customize your tank’s lighting conditions.
    • Vibrant Illumination: Despite its small size, this LED light delivers powerful brightness, accentuating the colors of your fish and showcasing your planted tank.
    • Perfect for Small Tanks: Ideal for small fish tanks, shrimp tanks, or fishbowls, providing ample light for the well-being of your aquatic friends.
    • Promotes Plant Growth: Encourage the lush growth of live plants, fostering a vibrant and healthy aquatic ecosystem.

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    Multi-Colour Aquarium Fish Tank Light For Making Your Fish Tank Superior, Light Changing Switch, Waterproof Ip68 Rated, Light Fully Submersible Up To 2.5 Ft Tank Mix Color – Glass, Fluorescent Original price was: ₹600.00.Current price is: ₹550.00.
    • COLORFUL VISUAL EFFECT – Multi Color Changing LED Light Gives Bright light effects 3 Modes – Blue – White | Red – Blue – Green | Red – Blue – Green – White Brings Out the Color of Everything in Tank , Creates a Wonderful Aquascape. It is the Best choice for Main Light, accent Light ,or replacement aquarium hood light
    • WATERPROOF AND EASY TO MOUNT – It is Submersible and with Moveable Suction cups, Mount the Light on Tank Bottom or at the top, Attach it into the Tank any angle or even Outside the Tank
    • AMBIANCE LIGHT – The Ambiance light Provides a Range of colors for color therapy, Helping you Focus, Unwind, or Unleash Creativity, Both day and Night. Can be used in any room or Aquascape to set the Desired ambiance
    • DAILY USAGE LIMIT – Maximum of 6-8 Hour Per day , Too much Continious Lighting causes Algae and Stress the Fish and Also Make the Water Cloudy and Make the Fish ill
    • GREAT NIGHT VIEWING – Great night light and tank illuminator ,cool White LEDs add a shimmering effect to your reef. giving you a elegant look and give a piece of mind , waterproof LED aquarium light can working submersible underwater of out of water. But please notice do not put the power adapter and the switch into the water, they are not submersible.
    • IP68 SUBMERSIBLE – This Waterproof LED Aquarium light can Working Submersible Underwater of Out of water. But please Notice do not put the Power adapter and the Switch into the water, they are not Submersible.
    • SILICONE STUCKER – Apply Some Water On Sucker Before Sticking it if You Mount above Water , Adjust the light ray direction as per your Convienience .
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    Multicolor Mini Led Clip Lamp|7 Watt Light for Salt Water Coral Small Clip Light for Fish Tank Huayao Hy-130R Plastic, Pack of 1 Original price was: ₹550.00.Current price is: ₹450.00.
    • AQUARIUM CLIP LIGHT – How to Enjoy your Beautiful Fish at Night? Aquarium Clip Light helps you implement it easily. Both white and blue lights not only make your aquarium more beautiful at night but also improve your fish tank’s ecological environment. let your fish live in a beautiful and healthy environment.
    • 360° LIGHT ADJUSTMENT – Different light Angle can let your aquarium tank show different feeling. Just gently turn the soft arm of the Aquarium Light and you’ll get the angle you want. Very Easy. Adjust your lighting angle as you like.
    • YOUR LIGHT SOLUTION – Unlike incandescent or traditional light bulbs, fish tank light are directional. Combined with our flexible arm, this gives you total lighting control. You can adjust the direction and intensity of your aquarium grow light easily to create the atmosphere and view you enjoy most.
    • SEE THE BEAUTY – Siamese fighting fish are gorgeous. Their brilliant veil-like fins are captivating. Their vivid iridescent colors change as they swim and light reflects off them. Enjoy your fish’s beauty in the clearest brightest light with Huayao aquarium light.
    • BEST FOR SMALL FISH TANK – It is not only helps plants and pets to grow more luxuriant, but also makes your aquatic plants have vivid color and adds ornamental value of your aquariums.
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    VEDHA virgo Aquarium slim Light Original price was: ₹800.00.Current price is: ₹650.00.
    • Power: 10W
    • Colour: black/white
    • Material: abs plastic
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