Feeding Your Betta Fish

Bettas are naturally carnivores, and they should be sustained with a protein-rich diet.

You will need to source live and frozen food for betta fish. Be careful with live foods since they can harbor bacteria and other contaminants.

Bettas will eat frozen or live mosquito larvae, brine shrimp, bloodworms, wingless fruit flies, and Mysis shrimp.

Many betta-keepers give pellets to their pets, primarily because they are effective, available, and affordable. The ideal pellets for bettas will have more high-quality ingredients than fillers like wheat and corn. Pellets will typically have proteins, fats, fiber, moisture in varying quantities.

Your bettas will also eat freeze-dried food, in addition to fish flakes.

When it comes to feeding frequency, you should not feed your pets more than twice every day.

Overfeeding is a common problem with bettas, since it may appear like your fish is always hungry for more. Bettas have short digestive tracts, and their stomachs are no larger than their eyes.

Only give the pet food they will eat in two minutes. Some aquarists will even fast their bettas for 24 hours after about two weeks. This fasting period will decrease the chances of constipation for the fish.

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