1. Super bro questions not tough

  2. Arun fish farm my you tube channel support me and I will inspire seeing channel

    1. I will support bro don’t worry

    2. Bro hi

      G Santhosh Kannan
  3. I never forget to watch your videos bro.

  4. Super sir keep it up

  5. I’m loving this channel so much that, in beginning I was find hard to understand Tamil. Now getting to know Tamil little by little. The information shared is great and very useful.
    I have not missed a video from this channel, have watched all uploaded videos.
    Keep the good work going. You guys rock.

    Harish Krishnappa
  6. Bro thank you
    Very easy only bro
    Bro please give any fish for me after lockdown
    U give me any female fighter for me bro pls
    I love your videos
    My all fishes Are breeder by your tips

    G Santhosh Kannan

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