1. Hi bro am done with the quiz, thank you for the quiz competition and i successfully completed it.

  2. LIKE U SIR ???

  3. In this quiz I have answered 7 answers right and I will support vedha fish farm and I am going to keep a fish farm like him

  4. *Aquarium water change*:
    Sir first to need on tube and fill the water in to the tube and put the first nip into the tank and the water will came out before this prosses to scrub and put and clean the tank
    *Brine shrimp*:first to need brine shrimp egg and rational take one water bottle and cut quarter of the down of the part and take another one water bottle and put it on down wards before this prosses first fill the water and put fish motor and add brine shrimp eggs and place this brine shrimp eggs in sun light
    **thank you sir**
    **Pls send some guppies pls**

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